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Pipeline Mentoring Club: Tuesdays

Pipeline Mentoring Club: Tuesdays
Pipeline Mentoring Club: Tuesdays

Time & Location

Tuesdays, 5:30PM- 6:30PM

6100 Tennyson Dr

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Pipeline Mentoring is an opportunity exclusive to MAPS at Baylor. In this opportunity, we aim to decrease the pipeline of students of color from school to prison by providing weeking mentoring with grades 6-8 students at four schools in WISD. This mentorship broadens the perspectives of young students, providing them with positive influences who look like them and/or who have lived similar lives to them. We do experiments and fun activities every week in hopes of encouraging them to pursue healthcare careers in the future. 

This opportunity requires and application and background check!

Background Checks can be completed here.

The Application will be available through MAPS' Baylor Connect Page. 

For more info, contact our Pipeline Chair Katlin Nguyen at

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