Prospective Members

If you are interested in joining MAPS, you can sign up through our Baylor Connect Page. This website can be reached through the [CONNECT] button at the bottom of each page. After signing up, you should receive weekly e-mails updating you on upcoming MAPS Events and Dues.

Dues are typically due at the start of each semester, under the following costs:

  • 1 Semester: $30

  • 2 Semesters (1 Academic School Year): $45

MAPS also has a national chapter known as SNMA. SNMA Memberships cost $26.50 per 1 year membership. 

Please note that you do not need to purchase an SNMA Membership to be considered a member of MAPS

All three of the above memberships can be bought through our "Membership Purchase" Page, under the "Members" Tab.


Our semester-specific memberships may alternatively be purchased by sending a Venmo payment to @MAPS_Baylor and titling your payment "(1 Semester/2 Semester) Dues."

The SNMA Membership may alternatively be purchased from the official SNMA website here.