Welcome to the Multicultural Association for Prehealth Students

We are a student-run organization at Baylor University that is committed to promoting diversity in the health care field as well as facilitating service learning opportunities to prepare its members to provide for the health care needs of individuals from varying backgrounds, cultures, and socioeconomic levels.

Through our organization, students will have the opportunity to learn from various experts in the medical field and leave with an increased awareness of current events and difficult topics in healthcare. Our society also organizes volunteering programs, special events, and panels, and serves as a resource for students seeking a career in medicine.

Our key goals are:

  • demonstrate the importance of diversity in the health care field 
  • to educate and advise students on undergraduate, medical school, and career options in the medical field
  • to serve the community 
  • to educate and inform members of the current state of medicine 
  • to ultimately prepare students for post graduation in whatever graduate track they choose 

 Learn more about our association and events taking place this year. Interested in joining Multicultural Association of Pre-Health Students? Please contact us today. We look forward to talking to you.

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Dr Jesse Jones




Dr Richard Sanker 




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Dr Rizalia Klausmeyer



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Our next meeting is December 1, 2014

Practice MCAT               Questions

Q. A 35-kg stone is dropped from a height of 50 m. The kinetic energy of the stone as it strikes the ground is
A. 1.7 × 104 J
B. 3.4 × 104 J
C. 1.7 × 105 J
D. 3.4 × 105 J

Q. A mother exerts a force of 80 N at an angle of 40° below the horizontal x-axis in pushing her baby in a carriage a distance of 20 m. The 
work done by the mother is
A. 8040 J
B. 1226 J
C. 2485 J
D. 4800 J


Pay dues to Sonja Smeding, our treasurer at meeting!

Please visit our resources page to find our 2014-2015 membership application. We look forward to hearing from you.

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