Welcome to the Multicultural Association for Prehealth Students

We are a student-run organization at Baylor University that is committed to promoting diversity in the health care field as well as facilitating service learning opportunities to prepare its members to provide for the health care needs of individuals from varying backgrounds, cultures, and socioeconomic levels.

Through our organization, students will have the opportunity to learn from various experts in the medical field and leave with an increased awareness of current events and difficult topics in healthcare. Our society also organizes volunteering programs, special events, and panels, and serves as a resource for students seeking a career in medicine.

Our key goals are:

  • demonstrate the importance of diversity in the health care field 
  • to educate and advise students on undergraduate, medical school, and career options in the medical field
  • to serve the community 
  • to educate and inform members of the current state of medicine 
  • to ultimately prepare students for post graduation in whatever graduate track they choose 

 Learn more about our association and events taking place this year. Interested in joining Multicultural Association of Pre-Health Students? Please contact us today. We look forward to talking to you.

Application for Fall 2015

Follow this link: Application


IF YOU MISSED our meetings, see our meeting powerpoints underneath "Meetings."

Carter BloodCare Blood Drive

The biggest Medical Service event of this semester. We will be having a table and two chairs for every day that we need volunteers to stay there. You will get points for volunteering at the table and also for donating blood. Also, all donors will receive a FREE T-shirt!


Monday Nov 16 to Friday Nov 20, 11AM-5PM


Sign up here!



MAPS Christmas Party


We will be eating cookies, drinking hot cocoa, listening to christmas songs, and making bracelets for Hospice patients!


November 22nd in East Village Dining Hall from 7-9pm!

Dr Richard Sanker 




Dr Rizalia Klausmeyer



Tweets from Baylor MAPS @BaylorMAPS

Thank you for everyone who showed interested in our organization. Our next meeting is November 30, 2015.

Practice MCAT               Questions

Q. Which of the following best describes the reason why the addition of strong acid often results in protein denaturation?


  Acid allows peptide bonds to be easily hydrolyzed


  The presence of acid catalyzes the cleavage of disulfide bonds


  The acid protonates acidic side chains, destroying salt bridges that help maintain tertiary protein structure


  Acid disrupts the hydrogen bonding ability of atoms in the protein backbone
Q. Enzymes are able to speed up a reaction by lowering the activation energy if:


  The reaction rate is exergonic


  The reaction rate is endergonic


  The reaction is endergonic and coupled with ATP synthesis 


  ΔG is positive


The MAP Christmas Party is this FRIDAY November 22th in the East Village Dining Hall from 7-9pm. We will be eating cookies, drinking hot cocoa, listening to Christmas songs, and making bracelets for Hospice patients. So come out and gain social points while spreading Christmas cheer! Sign-up through Orgsync!

Photo Gallery Online!

Check out pictures of our latest events right here.

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